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Jelly Delite
jelly delite
Tasty Fruity Jelly with Green Tea and Prebiotic Inulin

A first-of-its-kind Green Tea jelly for light-weight sensation!
Formulated with premium Green Tea Extract that helps with fat burning and weight management.
Natural Inulin supports growth of beneficial bacteria and maintains a good intestinal environment.
Available in 3 flavours: Apple, Blueberry and Strawberry.
Tasty, easy, zero-fat and all in one go!
National Consumer's Choice Award 2015
National Consumer's
Choice Award 2015

Plum Delite
plum delite

Improve intestinal health with healthy probiotics
Minimise beauty and health problems with effective detoxification
Green tea and pu'er tea mix may reduced fat absorption by the body.

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