The direct selling business has unlimited global growth potential and BWL has demonstrated tremendous success across Asia. While high quality products, sound marketing strategies as well as stable corporate infrastructure play a part, our members’ unwavering dedication, unyielding effort and good work ethic of our members have ultimately led us to success.

Please do read the inspiring testimonies of some of BWL's most successful distributors. They were regular folks like us, but they have triumphed over their personal odds to join the exclusive Platinum Director club.

Platinum Directors

Maggie Goh Bee Ngoh Rita Ong
Irene Ng Elin Chung
Molly Cheong Meiyanne Saad Susanto
Ricky Tan Ann Chua
Phety Soekiato Liana Novia
Jane Lydia Limonta Novia Papaveriana
Helen Lucia Soewandi Sri Hendra Setiawaty (Tia)
Alice Wong Linda Lie
Candy Ng Mya Hnin Yee
Eros Xu RuiHan Narida Varasittikorn
Liao Cai Qin Khin Aye Myaing
Patsy Pek Hsieh Cheng Yun
Kim Dong Shik Tung Yung Hung
Chen Guan Lin Amy Tsai
Shu Lian Chang Ching Yi